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01-29-2004, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by bp13

In all fairness Jake...he was struggling when he was playing too. Though he's improved his defense from the Girard-esque levels earlier in the season, he's still easily the worst defensive defenseman on the team.

I know he offers offense that the others don't, but he's a defensive liability. A big one.

I don't agree at all. There was a time at the beginning of the season when I would of thought that... But in the couple of weeks-month before he was benched, he was really impressing me with some big defensive plays...

But, on that same note... I think that's why he was "struggling." (I don't think it's a good word; I really don't think he was struggling... But in terms of offense, maybe)... I think that the focus on his defensive game had become a hinderence on his offensive play. If he can't play defense, he should be sent down to the minors to focus on it, and then come back and quarterback the PP without being the liability he was... The reason he was struggling is because he wasn't being put in enough key offensive situations, where he has the potential to excel.

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