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Originally Posted by bozwell View Post
On the main board some people are failing to fully the implications of the flames sending their goons out for that face off--Torts went nuts--but hartley set the play in motion
People are pretty ignorant in their near sighted cause-and-effect.
Hartley isnt a moron. He saw the Canucks western road trip... saw the thuggery...saw the 8 losses in 9 games...saw the call ups... knew the players... and knows the antics and history of Torts to make a scene on home ice.

Now if you dont take into account all the crap that happened during the Western trip than dont comment. Hartley, like any good coach, weighed the likely scenarios.
As Hartley already stated... VANCOUVER HAS THE LUXURY of last change. He does not. Last game they (van and cal) played has some heat and its safe to say Torts wasnt going to be a friendly host after that road trip.

Torts doesnt have to respond with his 4th line... nor his 1st. Last time i checked they have 4 lines.

To me Hartley knew what would happen and Torts had his excuse.

Anyone complaining about Hartley ... needs to do what Torts recommends... know the coach. Ask NJ about Torts opening lineups.


the line brawl isnt even a big deal...but dont be a is definitely Torts fault and Hartley was ready for what Torts history shows he was going to do anyways.

Obviously people didnt pay attention to the Canucks road trip or the previous game where Hanzal pretty much used his stick to destroy 3 Nucks in response to what he felt were their gooning antics.

WHAT IS a big deal is Torts could have been beaten to death in that hallway. I **** you not. That was a more dangerous situation than people know. He is lucky alot of cooler heads were there.
In the history of hockey its the off ice incidents that usually lead to people in comas and dying.

wake up. Torts better turn down his drama dial


ONLY A MORON coach would walk into GM place, look at video of the Canucks road swing, look at the Canucks call ups, know the history of the last flames-nucks meeting... know Torts' history for taking the spotlight and being a dramatic moron because he wants to be that role... and then throw out his 1st line. HAHAHA get a brain.

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