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Originally Posted by hilega View Post
I'm 33 and my be a player class has 8+ in their 40s including three women and a mom and her son. Pretty cool!

On another topic, the regulars at stick time are pretty closed off and clique-ish. Especially some goalies that won't square up or try on your shot if you don't have a 100 mph clapper. (Calling out the Quick wanna be's at the Toyota Sports Center). Anyone else experience this?
Yes. We recently had a new rink open up. I went to stick time a couple times during their day time session(11a-1p/ 5.00) while I was using up some vacation time at work. The first day I has the rink to myself. It was kind of nice to just get out and work on things. The next two days a group of 3 guys showed up, and didn't even acknowledge I was there. Even after a couple attempts by me, to see where they played and work on some drills they were doing with them. The irony was that they thought they were superstars, and weren't even that good at all. I consider myself fairly approachable, and very easy going, and it was like I was invading their space.
However, this same rink has stick time on Sunday nights, and the crew of 15-16 all seem to be a decent group. Its a good time.

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