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01-20-2014, 06:38 AM
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Snice MacT has invested way too much of his acumen and pride in the hiring of Eakins I doubt he'll get fire before maybe the midpoint of next season. Unless ofc MacT is fired, which won't happen unless Lowe is fired, which won't happen because him and Katz are old party buddies.

So Eakins will stay. In that case I'd hope for one of three scenarios, all involving getting rid of all the ass. coaches:

Eakins is demoted to assistant coach. A solid veteran coach is brought in as head coach. For the other two assistant positions I'd bring in guys who are known for being good development coaches for Ds and fwds respectively, where they come from I don't care be it CHL, college, NHL, AHL or europe, try to find the best of the best available. The latter goes for all of my scenarios.

Instead of demoting Eakins you try to bring in a good vet coach as his assistant, if he craps the bed next year, the vet takes over.

And the third option, Eakins stays as hc. Nelson is brought up as his assistant due to him being well liked and respected by the players, also at least I think he's a pretty solid coach. I know he's not that high on another assistant position but the deal is, if Eakins screws up, he gets promoted to head coach for an interim period of at least some 30 games. If he gets results he stays. If he doesn't a more experienced coach is brought in. The positive for Nelson is, if the team does well with him as the new assistant, it will look good on him. If the team does bad, he will get his shot as a head coach in the NHL, if the team starts doing well he looks like a genius, if it doesn't he gets the benefit of the doubt from taking over Eakins mess and he can add some NHL head coaching experience to his CV making it easier to get another NHL job knowing the incestuous nature of the NHL.

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