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01-20-2014, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
The Rangers have been better than their record this year. Unlike a lot of last place teams over the years, they're not usually getting killed. In fact, 5-on-5, they're very competitive. Which leads to my point:

Fix the PK!!

Wow is it bad. I have rarely seen an OHL-level PK so inept. Teams pass back and forth through the seams as though no one is there. They seem to have one puck chaser and the other three don't commit to lanes at all. The PP is bad too, but that's more understandable.

I like how Smith uses the full bench and guys seem to be developing, but they need someone who can coach a PK in a bad way.
Love the use of the entire bench also in all situations and against any oppositions lines = a virtual trial by fire!
As for the PK, it seems like every penalty Darby Llewellyn takes the PK has about 0.1% success rate.
Not only the pk has been one of the reasons why the Rangers are near the bottom but for the most part the Rangers may have had the worse goalie tandems in the league. But lately the goalies have been playing better with Greenfield starting to make a strong claim for more starts. But I still like the 50/50 split to find out what both goalies can bring to the team next year either by playing or enhancing their trade value. Right now with only Fanelli not being back next year the Rangers will need to move at least 5 players (maybe more?) to make room in 2014-15.
Players to be added for next season: minimum 2 or 3 from 14 OHL draft.
2 or 3 from 13 OHL draft (Bracco, Opilka, McAvoy or Henderson?)
2? from 12 OHL Draft: It's either do or die for either Blasby and Learn.
Make a decision on their import of the present ones will need to be moved for the Rangers to use their high 14 CHL import pick (unless Sergeev becomes a NHL 1st round pick ....which he won't). IMHO the Rangers will retain Sergeev and move Kubalik. Can the Rangers trade Sergeev after this season or does that 1 year non-trading of 1st year imports is a calendar year or hockey season year?

Decisions decisions least with the players getting icetime this season Hiebert should be able to market them properly if he wants to trade them.

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