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01-20-2014, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
I understand what you are saying, but why should Yankee Stadium care? They are just renting them the building. My guess is, they are not really having anything and the last thing they want is people tailgating. They want everyone to go in and buy their over-priced garbage.
The Yankees only care about the gate. It's obvious. One tweet from in the past week and its a shot of the ice surface being built with the words "its coming.". Seems like they are thrilled, lol

If they aren't prevented in anyway by the Yankees to promote the damn thing, it's the NHLs fault for half-assing this event. The issue I have is that its not a single game. Its two NHL games and several high school games. Nothing suggests to this point that they are going into this with the idea of celebrating the game of hockey, giving the fans what they've been asking/waiting for. Its a missed opportunity by both the NHL and Yankees and it marginalizes outdoor hockey games. This is what a lot of people thought from the start adding all of these stadium series games in addition to Winter Classic. Theres very little thats been done to get the fans excited.

And thats fine if the Yankees don't want tailgating. But someone has to alert the 50,000 hockey fans that are coming because it could pose a problem and a safety issue. Something like this doesnt come along so you know people are going to be sauced for this one, gotta stay warm.

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