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Originally Posted by TheRightWay View Post
What the hell are you talking about? They literally drafted the best goaltender of this decade with a 7th round pick. They traded a 5th for Chad Johnson, and he'd still be here if not for Biron and Lundqvist being such a concrete duo and Talbot rising. Talbot was an undrafted FA.

Schneider is one example. Congratulations. Good job on that. You can find one example of probably anything in the world. Want another example? Al Montoya. Drafted 6th overall, traded for Freddie Sjostrom and scraps. Or how about Dan Blackburn? They got nothing out of it because of injuries. How about the Islanders using a 2nd and 3rd on two goaltenders in 2009 who are pretty much worthless on the trade market now? Brygalov was drafted 44th overall and Anaheim let him go via waivers because there was no market for him. The Oilers drafted Dubnyk 14th overall and moved him for Matt ****ing Hendricks.

Or we can do the reverse. Halak was drafted in the 9th round. Montreal spun that into Lars Eller and Ian Schultz. Bobrovsky went undrafted and Philadelphia picked him up, then eventually shipped him off for a second and two fourth rounders.

You're going to have to come up with a better argument than, "well this one time it worked out!!!"

And finally, okay, let's say you're right and that the late picks/FAs haven't worked out. Dan Blackburn. Al Montoya. Antoine LaFleur. Neither have the high draft picks. Seems to me they've gotten similar value out of the FAs and late picks.
Kings drafted Quick who was a 3rd round in 2005... the goalies drafted before Quick were Price, Rask, Plante, Frazee, Pavelec, Pier-Olivier Pelletier, Westblom, in 2005..

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