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01-20-2014, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
The Rangers have been better than their record this year. Unlike a lot of last place teams over the years, they're not usually getting killed. In fact, 5-on-5, they're very competitive. Which leads to my point:

Fix the PK!!

Wow is it bad. I have rarely seen an OHL-level PK so inept. Teams pass back and forth through the seams as though no one is there. They seem to have one puck chaser and the other three don't commit to lanes at all. The PP is bad too, but that's more understandable.

I like how Smith uses the full bench and guys seem to be developing, but they need someone who can coach a PK in a bad way.
Agreed - other than Meighan, no one blocks shots or challenges shooters on the points. They have the skaters who are capable of getting into the faces of the guys on the point and forcing them to make passes they don't want to, but so far, it's rare that we see it.

The other thing that needs improvement is the PP - Kitchener leads the league in SH goals allowed, and it's to the point where you almost expect a SH goal against.

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