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01-30-2004, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by FSU Seminoles
as I mentioned CBC would not get that million bucks from Moore's if Cherry were not there on Saturday Nights ...

I'm not trying to convince you that he's not racist but my point is that we have people here calling him "****ing homo" and no one says a word about that, and that doesn't make a difference whether you get a million bucks or not ... I like to watch him Saturday Nights because he brings different opinions, and he talks about different stuff going on in the NHL, and obviously when he says good things about Denis and Théodore no one says a word ... and when he said that Ribeiro scored one of the nicest goals he ever saw against the Canucks, then again no one says a word ... and when he said that Lecavalier is becoming a force in the league no one says a word ... anyway ...
If he wouldn't be racist, I would respect him, but almost each week I hear something new he said about some Europeens or French... He often brings good points about the NHL, but unfortunately, he can't control himself and always talk ***** about us. Enough is enough. I just can't believe he's still on CBC. It's just a slap in the face to our government IMO. They teach us in school to be respectful and you just have to open the TV on saturday night to see some pretty bad racist comments... That's just stupid.

And I didn't say I agree with the one that said "****ing homo"... But just have in mind that Cherry has said almost worst towards us French Canadians than that one little insult...

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