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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
how could it cause a safety issue? They have 50,000 people there on a regular basis. Yankees do not care about the gate. The ticket revenue goes to the NHL. Yankees care about getting a rent check from the NHL. As far as celebrating? What do you want them to do? Is having live music going to "celebrate" the game of hockey? Do you want some kind of steetfair/block party? And frankly, aside from the players and their parents, who cares about HS games?
Originally Posted by dubidubidu View Post
Absolutely not. The NHL priced itself into this situation. If this was the Winter Classic with the 24/7 leading up to it and being the only outdoor game of the season, the prices would be justified and the game would have been sold out a long time ago.

The majority of the fans decided it was too expensive and to either wait it out or not go entirely. I choose to wait it out til day of, and it looks like by that time I may be able to get in the door for $50.
Agreed on the price. Should have made the price similar to Giants tickets pricing (Aside from the club seat prices) at 85-125, maybe a LITTLE higher. Both games would have sold out and there would be a decent secondary market. But, at these prices, too many people decided to buy both, go to one sell one. 5 people do it, no problem. 5000 people do it? Problem.

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