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01-30-2004, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by flyers guy
Not defending Sather, because I do agree with you, but I'm sure that there are plenty of other dumb GMs in the league who would have taken a run at getting Lindros from Philly.
Unfortunately for you guys, all of those other GMs were automatically eliminated when Lindros said he would only play for 4 or 5 different teams.
I disagree. You're right in that Lindros narrowed the field of perspective buyers, but the fact that only two of those five showed any interest speaks volumes. Several, if not all, were legit contenders who should have been anxious to grab a player of Lindros' talents. If a team that could really use him in a drive for the Cup didn't want him, I doubt a team like the Bolts or Canes would've been in on the bidding. I think the fact that only two teams of the five that Lindros named bothered to say they wanted him (and we know one of those two had added incentive), we can safely say there might be one or two not named who would want him enough to bid. But even then we have to wonder how high those teams would go. Would they offer a 25 year old 28 goal scorer, a young #3 defenseman, a good prospect, and a 3rd rounder? I doubt it.

Sather did though. Because he's an idiot.

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