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Originally Posted by Osminator View Post
You all realise that if Hank or Talbot get hurt, there is no NHL goalie on the AHL Wolfpack? Grumet-Morris and LeNeveu are signed to AHL deals, next in line would be Missiaen out of the ECHL... that is poor poor management.

In a vacuum, it would be good to get a solid goalie prospect. But It's not a vacuum. If we use our second round pick on a goalie, we don't use it on someone else. With Lundqvist and Talbot in the net, we are very solid, but we have glaring holes elsewhere with RD, C, RW, any type of scorer, an offensive defenseman.

It is much more important to get a skater than to get a goalie who might be ready if Lundqvist gets injured. There are so many problems with this thinking.

1. The goalie likely won't become an NHLer.

2. Lundqvist likely won't get injured.

3. If he becomes an NHLer, it will probably happen years before or after Lunqvist gets injured. If it happens years before Lundqvist gets injured, chances are this goalie will be traded away a la Schneider.

4. A forward or a defenseman who's even a marginal NHLer would be useful to the team, a goalie not so much.

5. We have real holes at D and F that we don't have at G.

6. To say, "What will happen if Lundvqist gets injured" is no different than saying "What will happen if Stepan or McDonagh or Nash gets injured". Yes, things will suck if we get a major injury. But you don't draft a kid hoping to time it perfectly with an unpredictable injury.

7. If Lundqvist gets injured, we can always trade for another goalie. Just as we can send away an extra goalie if we draft one, we can acquire another team's extra goalie. Those are available every year. Either way, if we lose Lundqvist we aren't contending.

8. It makes a lot of sense right now, more than it did at any point since we had both Richter and Beezer, to draft goalies only in the late rounds and to sign them as UDFAs. We have two good goalies and we have Skapski, who we are told is playing well. Most of these will turn into nothing, but striking one good goalie like Lundqvist and (to a lesser degree) Talbot per decade is more than enough.

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