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Originally Posted by Lolnowayhaha View Post
Yeah anyways, spill the beans.
Originally Posted by Betts11 View Post
Im assuming he signed up for it when it was open.
Originally Posted by cheesesteak View Post
How do you get the Titanfall beta?
Apparently if you had an Origin account and played BF4 on Xbox One you were able to receive an invite to beta. I guess I qualified for this, becuase I received an email last Thursday in regards to the beta. I signed up and received another message basically stating "thanks, we'll let you know if you're selected."

At that point I thought ****, I get lucky enough for the invite but watch me not get into the actual beta. Friday afternoon comes along and I get an email on my phone... Titanfall beta code!! I entered it in, went home, booted up the Xbox One, went to My Games and Apps and noticed a tile that said "Xbox Game." Installed it, Titanfall Closed Alpha shows up

Guys, the game is AMAZING. It's like playing Goldeneye, Halo or COD4 for the first time. The game is a perfect blend of Halo and COD. It's hectic. It's chaotic. There's so much **** going on, you may need some adderall. Playing the game feels so epic. I like that it's noob-friendly too. Everyone gets a Titan after a few minutes into the match. You can speed up that process by getting kills.

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