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01-30-2007, 12:21 PM
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learning to stop is a progression and if you don't follow it you waste a lot of time.

one important thing is to not put the weight on the heel cause then the skate will dig in and you'll go ass over tea kettle onto the ice. the weight should be more forward almost on the balls of your feet so the skate is able to skid over the ice.

try this with one skate first...glide forward and lift your left foot of the ice while the right continues to point straight. slowly lower the left skate at an angle so you're just scraping the ice. if you're familiar with skiing it's like doing a "snow plow" with only one skate. keep practising until you can put the left skate down faster and eventually stop on the one skate. then try the other side and then add the other foot and you're flyin'...well stopping, but you know what i mean...

do it at an open skate too, not in the middle of a game

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