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01-20-2014, 09:21 PM
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Big Kid Penalties

I am looking for advice from referees on the penalties that big kids seem to attract (Atom). Some of them just seem to be unfair physics. The level of effort that would normally cause no issues, usually causes the small kid to drop when the big guy is around.
  1. Two kids lean in for the puck, small goes down - tweet!
  2. Fighting for the puck on the boards, big kid pushes the other kids stick, or just puts his weight into getting the puck, normal sizer falls down - tweet!
  3. Small kid runs into big kid - falls down, tweet!
  4. Skating backwards on defence, big guys slows/stops moving, small kid coming in doesnt move, big guy defensively plants and raises gloves over his face, bang, tweet!

Those are just a few examples I have seen recently with a kid that is getting demoralized, and hasn't got a mean bone in him. He knows the penalties have cost games. "You just have to live with it" is getting old with him. As referees, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Please provide some answers to / examples of:
  1. A) Things every parent / player / coach think are legal, but are not. ie: the ref is not picking on the kid, it really is a rule.
  2. B) Things that the player should be knowledgeable about in avoiding these situations, while still playing a hard and physical game.
  3. C) How many of these calls are 'no fault' but just results based calls. A small kid hits a brick wall, the brick wall should know to back off from what is normal, or someone will get hurt.
  4. D) When does intent come into the call, and when does result come into the call (similar to when a careless stick causes injury).
  5. E) The proper way/time to address this situation to a referee when the call is questionable, and whether an explanation should be expected. (from a coach or player captain - not a yelling parent).
Help appreciated.

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