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01-20-2014, 10:20 PM
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Advice needed on skates!

I've owned low-end Vapors in both inline and ice skates, and also own some Reebok 5ks for inline. Main problem I have with them all so far is that after about 10-15 mins on the ice/court, I get a pain running down the outside of the top part of both feet. Taking them off and lacing them back up does offer some respite once that occurs, but it never fully goes away.

At this stage, I'm wondering if it's due to the width of my skates, which have all been Ds. They fit great in the shop, but each time it seems this issue occurs once I actually get out and use them for a bit. I've even tried putting Shock Doctors in my Reeboks and the problem still arises.

In terms of skates, I have quite a skinny ankle so Vapors have been the best in terms of heel lock. I've also tried Eastons, CCMs and Supremes/Nexii(?) in-store, but all have some extra degree of heel lift.

Should I be looking at Vapors in EE at this stage? Does anyone know if the pain I'm experiencing is actually caused by the width being too narrow? Thanks in advance!

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