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01-30-2004, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Rex88
Track records for recent similair situations of somewhat older goalies with good regular seasons and overall decent numbers but few wins in the post season is not a top end prospect and high pick - see Chechmanek and his numbers are better than Ollies the last few years.
Refresh my memory, what did Phi get for cechmanek? And comparing the value of Cechmanek and Kolzig is a little bit ironic in my mind, since the ONLY reason PHI would get Kolzig is for the playoffs, the exact reason you got rid of Cechmanek.
Granted Cechmaneks numbers in the reg season are better than Olies, but we aren't talking about the regular season, we're talking about the playoffs. If you're talking about last post season, ask caps fans if they blame olie for getting bounced, then ask yourself and your fellow fans if you blame cechmanek for getting the flyers bounced.


I would not give that much up as the Caps really are not in the drivers seat in this one (as the Flyers were not either) - sorry you can keep him and his contract and see what happens.

Yeah, we are in the drivers seat actually. Ask NYR fans and CAR fans if Olie is playing well. We have multiple teams interested in Olie, have dealt Jagr and will likely be dealing bondra. It will just be interesting to see what the return is if we deal him.

And flyers guy, regarding esches regular season play, i say again-Cechmanek.

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