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01-21-2014, 06:26 AM
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Originally Posted by PumpkinBomb View Post
He strikes me as a guy that will live and die by his system. Rather than adapt it to the players he has, he'd rather go and get the players that will fit it.

Case 1: I noticed that his system is geared to block passing lanes, and try to force turnovers.

What the other teams were doing to get around that is to force pucks on net. This means you need a goalie who has excellent rebound control.
Dubnyk doesn't.
Any goalie the Oilers bring in, could be much worse than any we've had, but if they have good rebound control they'll look much better in our system.

Secondly, to me, hockey is a real simple game in that, whichever teams wins the races to the puck, and puck battles will win the hockey game.

Eakins system doesn't use our team speed effectively. He wants to slow it down, and force puck battles, win them and then breakout.

What he should be doing is have our team win the races to the puck, so the battles are limited.

Also hurting us, is special teams, but not by a lot. Last year we had great special teams. If we were the same % on PP and PK as we were last year, we'd have only about 5 more goals for, and 5 against, which would probably mean 5 more wins than we currently have, but nothing crazy.
hmmm. pretty insightful analysis

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