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01-21-2014, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Striiker View Post
People *****ing about Rosehill are completely missing the problem. I understand there are a few go-to complaints that must be used for every loss, even though they don't make sense 99% of the time, like "no effort", "Rosehill is a goon", "invisible 1st line", "invisible captain", and then "no effort" a couple more times. Rosehill is not the problem, he doesn't take penalties except for fighting majors, he spends only a few minutes on the ice each game, and it's not like he's sitting there taking baseball swings at the puck while the other team skates around him and scores. The problem is the D is completely useless and a couple of our forwards serve absolutely zero purpose other than negatively impacting the team. The amount of PK time this team is subjected to is due to a lot of stupid moves by the players who should be smart enough to avoid them.. Downie, Timonen, Grossman, Coburn.
I understand that Rosy is not the issue. He should not even be in the picture, he is a non-factor.

The whole team is taking too many penalties. Some of the minors are a direct result of the players' limitations like lack of speed or puck controll but the other half are attributed to stupidity and lack of self control.

Anyhow, Berube hasn't found a way to handle it so far. If you can't fix it, you have to bear it! VandeVelde can kill penalties and looks like competent skater, so he can at least help them PK. That's more valuable than Rosehill taking another non-factor out of the game for 5 minutes when he fights him!

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