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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
I can't speak for everyone who said this, but yes, I said we should explore options in trading Weber. I still think he would prefer to be in Philly (though his recent play is helping) and I think it is worthwhile to see if some team will stupidly overpay. That said, I'd want young top 3 F, young top 6 F/top prospect, replacement 2nd pairing D, and (preferably high) 1st. I don't think there's harm in seeing what offers are out there and only biting on an ovepayment.
Why do you think this? His uninspired play? Him not leading the league in every statistical defenseman category? The fact that he plays the 4th most minutes in the league against the best competition? The fact that he's not a rah rah sort of guy? If he wanted to be in Philly or not even be here, he'd go out there and mail it in every shift. For a guy that would rather be in Philly, they showed a stat on TV last night that said he's the only player in the NHL with over 100 shots, 100 hits and 100 blocked shots. You don't block shots if you're not invested in the team. You don't shoot the puck if you're not invested in the team. You don't hit other guys if you're not invested in the team. He got the best possible contract he could get before the lockout happened. It's a business. He's earning his money. He is thought of enough around the league that he was named an alternate captain for team Canada. If he was mailing it in people around the league would've noticed and he wouldn't have been given that honor.

I'd love to see him play in beast mode but for whatever reason, I know the coaches have told him he needs to keep his emotions in check so he's on the ice and not in the penalty box. That may make it look like he's aloof or not caring but he's playing within himself. There is no harm in that. I think there's another level the coaches aren't getting from him and that's when he's in beast mode. That's what made Pronger and Stevens so great and hard to play against. You didn't go to the corners or the front of the net or down the wing or cross the blue line with your head down when those guys were on the ice. I wish Trotz would let Weber go and play that way. It would be physically intimidating and would force the other team to rethink their strategy a little bit with Weber on the ice.

All that said, he's here, he hasn't said he doesn't want to be here, his play on the ice is still in the upper tier of players in this league. Until someone has a quote or actual reason as to why he'd rather be in Philly, I wish this line of thinking would stop. I have a feeling is what perpetuates rumors and the snowball happens. It's the very same thing about players and how we view them. Suter sucked for years even though he had gotten over the hump. Klein, the same thing. Ellis is still being sold short, no pun intended, as he's been playing his tail off and is looking really good out there. He and Jones on the point the PP have been better at moving the puck than Weber and Josi and that says something. The second PP unit actually moves the puck better and gets better chances IMO.

We tend to take what people say around here and run with it. It snowballs and the next thing you know, that player is a hack or washed up or some nonsense with no backing to it. Look at Smith. What type of player will he be? Is he reverting back to the first 20 games of his career or is he the player we've seen for the better part of two seasons? Spaling gets a lot of hate around here for whatever reason too yet he's playing with Legwand and Smith and doing just fine. He's playing ahead of Wilson on the 2nd PP unit as well which boggles my mind to be perfectly honest but if it's working, so be it, yet people were willing to give up on him after last season, even after he'd been a solid yet unspectacular player for us. Wilson looks like he can be a great playmaker but he really doesn't have a finisher to play with. Fisher's goal last night was sweet but he had time and speed getting to the puck so Lehtonen had no chance. The play Wilson made was that of sheer determination and a great pass to boot. Will Wilson get back to playing like he did before last years injury or is he going to be an enigma? We rate players when they're playing well or poorly but rarely do we look at a large enough sample size to really figure out what they're doing out on the ice.

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