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01-21-2014, 11:02 AM
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I posted this in the GDT... then thought it was better here.

Even if they make the playoffs I think they have a shot at a guy with future top 4 potential.

If they make the playoffs they are likely behind ~7 or 8 in the west and ~5-6 in the East... so that will be ~16-19 range. (but that is really 15-18 due to Jersey being idiots.)

Fleury will be gone by then. (average draft rank ~8-10 from)

But guys like:

McKeown (average rank ~15... could go anywhere from ~10-25)
DeAngelo (average rank ~18-20... could go anywhere from ~10-25)
Honka (average rank ~17-20... coud go anywhere from ~15-30)

Adam Ollas Matsson is interesting for me in the 2nd... the guy has a lot of tools.

Glover, Hayden and Martin will all likely be there when the Flyers pick as well... but I don't like them as much as McKeown, DeAngelo and Honka. If those three are all gone just take the best winger... there will be a pretty good one available.

Breaking the likely draft order down:

Ekblad, Reinhart, Bennett, Dal Colle and Draisaitl are looking locks for top 5-8.

Nylander, Ritchie and Fleury will also very likely be top ten.

McCann, Ehlers, Perlini and Virtanen will be likely gone before 15.

So that is 12 guys who will be likely gone before the Flyers pick.

Then a forward group of: Kapanen, Karlsson, Kempe, Barbashev, Bleackley, Schmaltz, Tuch and Larkin

And a defensive group of McKeown, DeAngelo and Honka.

Those eleven players will all likely go between 13-25, or slightly before, (but that means someone else drops.) or maybe after.

The bolded are the players that the Flyers will most likely be able to pick (~3-5 of them will be gone though.)

Kapanen, Kempe, Barbashev, Karlsson, McKeown, DeAngelo and Honka are the ones that interest me the most... and 2-3 of them should be there when the Flyers pick.

Any of them would be very nice pickups in my mind. And the three D men can all skate very well, which is what should be a high priority.

Barbashev and DeAngelo scare me though... insane skillsets, but maybe bad attitude/not as likely to put it together.

This draft is not amazing... but there are a lot of solid players who project to be good NHLers due to their physical skills and skillset available in the 1st.

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