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01-21-2014, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
Then again, they might not be. I do know that it is true that there is no obfuscation in my statement. To me, this how is the team is more effective.
On paper I don't disagree with you. I just envision a scenario on the road where having the benefit of an extra center in the lineup could outweigh the benefit of grit.

They need to be harder to play against. Not easier.
The thing is Dorsett takes a lot of bad penalties. If AV drops to 3 lines in a playoff game Carcillo isn't going to see the ice at all. (Boyle, Moore, and Dorsett kill penalties at least...)

They need not be the same homogenous line. 2 4th line centers are not necessary on any team.
Yeah but are Carcillo and Dorsett necessary too? I can't say yes or no. I think a lot depends on who the Rangers play in the playoffs.

More than one person who can play a physical game is. But all are free to their own conclusions.
Boyle can play a physical game too. He can't fight but he has proved to be a good playoff player.

The team has enough players that do the same things.
Like Dorsett and Carcillo?

They do not nearly have enough that bring the battle to the other team and make them a harder team to play against.
Really? So you don't think a line of Boyle Moore Dorsett could grind down another team? I have no idea what your feelings on Boyle are. I don't want assume you don't think he's an effective player. I also don't disagree with you that Dorsett and Carcillo playing is a bad thing in the playoffs. I just think the Rangers need to be smart about the lineups (not that you aren't) and see what the matchups are. This isn't an open and shut decision as it seems like you are trying to make it. It's just not.....

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