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01-21-2014, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Boyle is 163 mins ahead of Moore with 8 more games played.

At Moore's average of 11:57 that 163 number is actually 52 minutes.

Moore is a faster skater, better on the forecheck and after spending a year away from the game, is JUST 2 points off Boyle's pace. Moore is much more reliable to generate offence off the forecheck than Boyle because he can get to pucks faster and when he does get the puck, he's better equipped to distribute the puck

Boyle is a slow player that is losing his place on the roster not because he sucks. It's because the team needs to have all of their players on the same page in terms of pushing the pace of games.

Boyle is not suited for that.

His PK minutes can be spread out and he's 4th on the team in total FO's taken (1st in winning %) one % point higher than Moore.

From the 4th line he's still getting way to much ES TOI. He should be in the Darroll Powe, Aaron Asham, Daniel Carcillo neighborhood of 7-8 minutes on ES time per game.

with PK duties, Boyle should see no more than 10-11 minutes a game.

for what eh provides, I would be more than happy giving his 7-8 minutes to Dorsett and splitting the PK duties between the rest of the forwards.

Moore - Hagelin - Callahan - Stepan - Dorsett - Zuccs

Not pairings per se, but they all have the same component that Boyle at this stage will never have, a quickness that you cannot teach.

Better to pressure the points and get back into position. Also much more dangerous shorthanded when you have that sort of quickness.
Sorry, I was looking at Kreider's number for TOI.

The points don't matter. Fourth liners are not intended to score, if they do it's a bonus. They are role-players. I don't care about his ability to generate offense. For all this talk of being faster, and distributing the puck, I don't see Moore making a whole lot of plays that stand out or produced scoring chances.

He isn't losing his roster spot, that's your opinion. If he loses it, it will be next year because they think Lindberg is better suited there, not 33 year old Dominic Moore.

Fourth on the team on total FO taken, still first by a large margin on the PK. I'm sure he leads defensive zone face-offs as well by a large margin, but I'm not looking that up. He and Moore are comparable in ES FOs.

If Boyle is getting too much ES ice time, so are his line mates. If he is out there for any length of time beyond his normal duties there is probably a reason for it. It's not like AV is double shifting him.

You guys can wish all you want that Boyle is going away, but the chances are, at least this season, he is not. Sorry.


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