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01-21-2014, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Uh...Gagne was traded as a cap dump for a cap dump and he had a sharp decline in play due to head injuries. Pronger has severe PCS and can't play so he's stuck on LTIR for eternity. Bryz and Briere were compliance buyouts which wouldn't have happened if they weren't included in the new CBA.

If compliance buyouts don't come about it's very possible we're still stuck dealing with the Bryz and Briere contracts entering this season and God knows how that ends up.

All of those guys were either buyouts or players whose careers went wayward because of severe injury issues. Gagne was the only one who actually got dumped and we ended up trading him for another bad contract. Plus, IIRC, he was on an expiring deal or close to it at the time. Lecavalier is signed for multiple years and there's no more compliance buyouts to be used.

EDIT: Lecavalier is also a free agent signing in his first year of it. None of those guys you mentioned (discounting Pronger since his career just ended due to injury) played many years for us before leaving aside from Bryz and even then there was a compliance buyout to use.
My point is we will find a way. To act like we are tied to vinny if he is awful is not factual. That has never happened to us.

Also, I'm not convinced he will be awful -- he had a very promising start before the injury. He was actually the only guy playing decent hockey.

Also, same goes for streit: people need to stop the doom and gloom routine like we can't wiggle out of it and re-use the space elsewhere.

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