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01-30-2004, 02:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Habber
I watched the Cherry's rant on Sat. night, and I thought he made some very good points. Sure the way he made his point is definately not the rout I would have taken, but that's just his style. But I didn't hear anything racist, he just stated that Europeans and French players are more likely to wear them, which may or may not be true, I haven't seen the numbers.

Basically he was saying that simply putting visors on all the players isn't going to change anything, and in fact will make things worse. It's the same old arguement about how helmets and visors make the players feel invincible, and it's a correct one. Having all the players wear visors will not help. It will not decrease the number of high sticks, it will make it worse.

He was emphasizing that the real problem is prevention, making players accountable for their actions, incidental or not. The NHL needs to take steps to make penalties and suspensions harsher in order to decrease the number of incidents, not slap a visor on everybody and say everyhing's A-OK.
Your argument is a fallacy. It's not because of the visors and the helmets that he sticks have gone up. It's because hockey has become a faster and more competitive sport. The hockey played in the 70's was, at best, a senior garage league caliber with contact. The skating was poor from most of the players (with the odd exception a la Cournoyer), the training non existent, the sticks were heavy as a 2 by 2, and the shots were mostly light stuff. Guy Lafleur would not have scored 50 goals for 6 seasons in a row coming on the right wing all the time with the goalies that are there today. Face it. I know, I lived thru the 70's. Plus, the hockey sticks have become weapons: too light, too hard. Cherry still lives in an era when hockey players would be playing while under the influence of gin tonics galore. Go ask Pete Mahovlich.

The visors have got nothing to do with the sticks coming up. Most of the stick incidents are related to: a) too much intensity in the play; b) a followthru to a shot.

Visors, just like helmets, and the rest of the hockey equipment, are a necessity because hockey is a violent sport. I mean, football did not use to have a helmet with a cage in the 30'-40' and 50's. Because football was not as rough as today. The level of intensity today prevents the NFL from coming back to the old days. Just like in the NHL.

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