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Originally Posted by loppa View Post
But alas it will be far from KHL standards. Hence too bad. Face it...

...Arena Zagreb as the home arena in a few years or as they say... ćao!
Same thing will apply than to about 12 russian clubs aswell since they dont have even a plan to build new rinks. from the 9 that are "building" Only 1 is actually building (VTB arena), only a couple (i know of only CSKA) have found locations and got them approved (which is still way off from building), and the rest are in design stages, or just renders for now and not yet approved, let alone financial structure made. This mean it is years away from building and in the end question if they will be built. Because for now its good enough to have a plan to build the Arena and you conform to the rules.

Another problem are the 2 new arenas Fetisov arena and Lada's new arena, both are very new but do not comply with the 12k rules. Fetisov is 7,5k and Lada 6k. Ok Fetisov you can add one more side and get it up to 10, but that is still 2k away from 12k limit for a town with more than 500k people (Vladivostok has 600k people). What do you do about that?

So saying "few years" that is a question what few years mean is it 3 or 10, and if KHL will apply a different set of rules to Medvescak than the russian clubs. This is why i would love to see these rules on an official page, to see what is the time limit for those arenas to be built and if there is any. And if the russian clubs dont build them on time would the russian hockey federation (since KHL answers to it) allow for the clubs to be relegated to VHL.

Just to make it clear the future of Medvescak is going to the Arena and making a permanent ice there (it isnt a small task), but question is of time frame. Till when. But i am sure KHL will tell them with ample time.

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