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Originally Posted by CptKirk View Post
There was a team in the league I used to play in with a goalie that had that attitude. They finally got pissed enough at him that they put together some player equipment and made him skate out for a game. He changed his mind pretty quickly.

Goalies do some things with their skating that skaters don't have to do, true. But the idea that goalies are better skaters than everybody else is flat out untrue. Maybe some are, but most aren't.
Agree to a degree. No, goalies don't need to be the best at crossovers and other player specific movements. However, goalies do need to be the best at using their edges than everyone else IMO.

That being said, working with a lot of young goalies, the ones that are the best skaters typically have significantly better crease movements than the ones who are not strong skaters. is offline   Reply With Quote