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01-22-2014, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
I like the idea of roland Mckeown.

However if the flyers are deadset on Fleury i think this will be a year in which we can get him.

I believe that if the oilers are in a position where they cant draft Ekblad or Reinhart then they will be looking to deal more so than before. WE know they want coburn and with klefbom and Nurse being on their roster next year they will desperately need someone who can log big minutes.

I think laughton plus coburn could get a top 5 pick from edmonton.
Yeh, tbh for me McKeown or Honka would be the most likely D picks... every now and again I lapse into loving the idea of DeAngelo... hometown kid, dynamic, amazing skater, good hands, insane offensive IQ, I mean, he has the tools to be a 50 point D man when you watch him. But I'm not sure he has his head on straight, and he gives not one toss about actually defending.

I think moving up to get Fleury is entirely possible... I imagine he goes ~7-10 most likely. Moving up 5 places would not be hard or costly... but if it was 10 then it gets a bit trickier, though still doable.

I think Ekblad is out of reach... if he comes up others will be in on him and it could get just silly.

I am not sure how much better he will end up than Fleury, McKeown, DeAngelo or Honka either, I imagine one of them could quite easily end up as good as him. Don't get me wrong, I really like Ekblad, he could immediately play in the NHL, but I don't think he has the room for growth the others do. It is all just speculation though until ~5-6 years or more down the line though!

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