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01-22-2014, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by JAVO16 View Post
Sorry about that. I just realized what was your argument by reading this post.

So we need an enforcer to build team spirit ? There are no other ways to strengthen the cohesiveness of a team than by having a useless plug go out there and try to punch a guy's teeth in ?

That's one of the most idiotic and ludicrous attempts at explaining the use of a goon that I've seen and you are the one berating us about critical thinking ? How about coming to the conclusion that there are better ways to build team spirit or gain momentum than by putting a guy like Parros on the ice and basically giving the opponent a man advantage.

Also, it's nice to see you implying that people arguing against fighting have never played a team sport (nevermind hockey!). It's sad that almost everyone arguing for fighting resorts to that argument at some point.
You will find very quickly that most pro-enforcer arguments on this board inevitably come back to:

1) Some unproveable, immeasurable intangible ("protection", "confidence", "team spirit")

2) The fact that teams that won the Stanley Cup have used them, regardless of what other variables those teams may have that we don't

3) "You've never played competitive hockey before, have you?"

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