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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Ah, shenanigans. He was doing his job. "Being a pro" is letting up on hit that can cause a guy serious injury after the pucks already gone. That's the sort of discretion that comes with professionalism. Refusing to take a reaching, one handed swipe at a guys stick while playing defense because there's an outside chance he could hurt his finger is goofy. If these guys are expected to be THAT actively protective of the opposition's health, then they might as well make it a ping pong league. This play and the missed call are not a big deal. Others like it happen all the time. The only thing noteworthy about this time is Jake's bad luck to get an injury.

Yes, I play hockey. I haven't in a little over a year now because I'm busy, but I played several nights a week for years. I'm hoping to get back into it this Fall.

I was recalling the play from memory, and I saw it in real time (without the benefit of a gif or a replay). Clearly that's not a stick lift, but in my original quote I said I remembered it looking like A stick lift or a short swat at Jake's stick. It doesn't look anything alike when you take a short swipe at someone's shaft* and when you try to lift their stick**. So it can be understood from my original quote that I was saying whatever the play was, I remembered it being something fairly innocuous looking (NOT that I remembered the exact play). I could've been clearer about that in my original quote though, for sure.

Now that isn't a short swat Clutterbuck took (clearly my memory failed me in that regard), but it also isn't a malicious, targeted two-hander either. Just look at that clumsy bull*** Clutterbuck did. It doesn't look like he was in enough control of his stick to be accused of targeting Jake's hands, even though that's what he hit.

I'm not defending it as a smart defensive play by Clutterbuck since it has a low percentage of working, and it's a roll of the dice on whether or not it gets called as a stick infraction even if it works out (I've seen that sort of reaching, one handed stick tap get called and get let go). However, to me him trying to make that play isn't indicative of some serious disregard for Jake's safety, let alone malicious intent. Going back to my original point, that's why I don't think there's any need for retribution on Clutterbuck.

* no homo
**still no homo
Maybe it wasnt fully intended to hurt Voracek, but that didnt make that play less dangerous. Yeah, fighting for the puck till the end is ok, but slashes like that doesnt often get major penalties just for fun. Slashes like that could easily lead to at least a broken dislocated finger or worse.
Not long ago a teammate of me got his thumb broken and dislocated because of a slash like that.

It was completely impossible for Clutterbuck to lift Voraceks stick from that reach. Even if he wouldnt have hit Voracek on the wrist, he would have hit Voraceks stick from above and thats a clear penalty too. He knew, that he could not get the puck without a foul and that makes it a dangerous play.
Maybe not fully retaliation worthy, but he clearly risked an injury. Since I cooled down a bit, my complainment mainly goes to te refs. This should have been at the very least a minor penalty. This also could have and should been called as an major penalty too:

Taken from the official rules 2012-2013:

Rule 61 Slashing:

61.3 Major Penalty - A major penalty, at the discretion of the Referee based on the severity of the contact, shall be imposed on a player who slashes an opponent. When injury occurs, a major penalty must be assessed under this rule (see 61.5).

Even with just a minor penalty called by the refs, I dont think the Flyers would have collapsed that badly in the last minutes of the game.

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