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01-22-2014, 12:47 PM
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Not that I wanted Tanaka, or Cano for that matter, but I'm glad the Yankees are at least acting like a team that plays in a big market.

Dolan drops wads on the Rangers and Knicks. Steinbrenners twice the amount on their team annually than Dolan does for the Rangers and Knicks combined. Prokerhov probably invested over a billion dollars on the Nets. Whoever the new owner of the Islanders is will likely bring them to the cap ceiling in just a year. The Jets and Giants are constantly at the cap ceiling, year in and out.

And the Mets are acting "responsibly"? I understand small market concepts and how they actually may hold more pertinence to fielding a winning team for a sustained period (if done correctly) but not being able to afford big time free agents in this market is unacceptable. It's unacceptable because of the price fans have to pay to get into the stadium.

The disparity can even be seen in hockey, where the Rangers cheapest seats are close to $60-70 and the Panthers cheapest seats are like $9, with promotion.

A competitive league is one that spends and makes money. Selig isn't acting in the best interest of the league by not forcing the Wilpon's out. He forced out the Dodgers owner a few years ago. They nearly immediately became relevant again with an influx of capital. We've laid the foundation, have the prospects that hopefully will get the team out of mediocrity, but we need owners that spend money.

Lower field tickets are like anywhere between $150-$300. What a joke.

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