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01-22-2014, 12:25 PM
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I ended up figuring out how to take a good one, and took some of your advice:

I was hitting the ice way too far behind the puck and smashing the stick blade at too vertical of an angle into the ice, so pretty much all my power was going into the ice. This was the biggest problem, putting my power down into the ice instead of through the puck,that was 99% of the problem.

I was keeping my front hand too close into my body, I extended it out further away from my body.

Bent my knees a little bit more.

I was pulling up on the follow through too quickly, now on the follow through I sort of push my blade towards the net instead of just kind of pulling it up. When I push my blade forward on the follow through instead of just kind of pulling up to complete the arc, I can go high with the shot, which I couldn't do before.

After I learned how to take one with the bauer supreme one.6 in 92 flex, I bought a sherwood true touch t-100 75 flex.....and it's like 100 times easier to take a hard slap shot. Could be the curve too I guess, ryan pp09.....wicked hard to go low with snap/wrist shots though.

After using the true touch I can't believe how crappy the bauer is, wow thing is like a 2x4.

I almost can't get over how crappy that bauer stick is compared to the sherwood....I've never used a high end hockey stick before, the difference is pretty amazing.

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