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01-22-2014, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
You will find very quickly that most pro-enforcer arguments on this board inevitably come back to:

1) Some unproveable, immeasurable intangible ("protection", "confidence", "team spirit")

2) The fact that teams that won the Stanley Cup have used them, regardless of what other variables those teams may have that we don't

3) "You've never played competitive hockey before, have you?"
Followed by the nerds who say things like "just avoid tough play", "let the referee do his job" and "but it didn't prevent player x from getting hurt so it's obviously useless..."

You guys just don't get it... Price hasn't been run into nearly as much this year. Guys like Orr and Thornton aren't going after Subban like before. Orr tried it and Parros stopped it immediately.... When you have great players, you protect them. Hockey people understand this.... Keyboard pacifists don't and get whiny. Fighting is part of the game and 98% of players want it in there. That should be good enough for anyone. Don't like it? Don't watch....

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