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01-22-2014, 03:53 PM
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The Ralph in Grand Forks is by far one of the most unique in the world.

Now, the hockey rink itself is nothing different than normal really...but the story behind why it was build like it was and the fact that it sits right smack in the middle of nowhere in a relatively small town of between 50-60k people(counting both the ND and Minny sides) make it very special.

Long story short, marble floors, huge TVs that when it was built must have cost a fortune. A bar on one end with a massive pipe organ. Brick building. Olympic sized practice rink. Basketball facility attached. Everything in the building was done to the best of pro-standards at the time. Nicer than many NHL rinks even today...again all in North Dakota of all places.

The story behind it is a major reason as well, Sioux logos in everything, designed to be very hard and/or expensive to remove because Englestad knew the Sioux name was going away and he wanted it to be impossible to remove the history from the building.
^ Picture of the brick/outside was to big to post and too lazy to re-size

You hardly see NHL rinks with that type of style and class, much less college rinks in small towns.

One of the hockey rinks that a hockey fan should have on their checklist of places to go one day.

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