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Originally Posted by Tpinheiro4 View Post
I don't know having two of the top 10 players in the world would be quite helpful too. Of course it takes consistent quality drafting but, without either Kane or Toews I doubt Chicago wins even 1 cup.
They're definitely top ten at their position, but top ten players overall is probably not true. Kane is usually a PPG to 90 P winger who doesn't really do anything besides score (meaning he can't PK, take face-offs, play a special defensive game, etc.) and Toews is a lot more well-rounded but has less scoring capability. If you're saying a top 10 player overall then you're comparing them to players at every position.

Anyhow, the Flyers had Richards/Carter once. At their times here Richards was an annual Selke candidate and a PPG player and Carter was a two-way presence who had a 46 G season and was one of the best goal scorers in the league (in his 46 G season he was only second to Ovechkin IIRC). They also had Pronger eventually and Giroux.

Even now they still have Giroux who is easily an elite point producer about on par with Kane. Even Edmonton has guys like Hall, RNH, Yakupov, and Eberle who can put up a **** ton of points.

Almost every team has great players. Buffalo has Miller, Edmonton has those aforementioned players, we have Giroux, etc.

Like I said before, Chicago's success has a lot more to do with great management making great moves and great drafting then getting high picks. Toews and Kane definitely are a hug part of their success, but it's blatantly untrue to say they're the way they are solely because they drafted Toews and Kane with high picks.

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