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01-31-2007, 08:01 AM
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Download and read. Most of it transitions well to floor hickey. You just dont have skates so take into consideration shuffles become side steps, LOTS of small side steps. Wide stance for floor hockey isnt good. Keep it narrowed at about shoulder width or just slightly more. T-push on floor is much the same except you dont glide to your point, pivot and stop. The lead foot still turns, you lead with the stick and gloves to the point you want to get to....

one of the easiest things to do is get caught watching, forgeting to side step to follow the ball location. Butterfly is not the floor hockey goalies best friend. Most shots are lifted and playing a stand up, narrowed stance will often give best results.

Tips....there are players who can and will shoot from the blue line, letting go of a hell of a shot that will curve out and come back in. It will look to be going wide and cut back in and go in just inside the post. When you encounter that, the tendancy is to push out to cover more angle. Its the wrong choice. When you push out you put yourself at a point where the curve has the ball farthest it can get from you. Your playing into the shooters trap. Those you learn to retreat. Example...player has ball at the point to your left side and is a left handed shooter. Player who can control that curve will shoot it, looking to go wide to your right side. Retreat slightly back and over slightly to your right post to make the save.....thats not to say retreat all the way to the goal line but for those with the wickedest shot speed and control of curve you just might need to.

Tips....Running in, a player wil many times let a shot off in stride. Can catch you off guard to score a goal you never even make a move on. The left handed aware of each time that right foot lands in their stride. Right handed shooter...left foot landing. This will help you be more prepared for the shot on those who use that tactic.

Have fun and start to learn the will help, alot.

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