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01-30-2004, 07:01 AM
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Originally Posted by FSU Seminoles
talking of Langdon he made a nice comeback in his fight against Johnson
Darren Langdon's always been a "second half fighter". He lets the opponent tire out, absorbs a few hits with his helmet, then gets on the offensive.

Every time I see the refs (linesmen) move in to separate a Langdon fight too early, I get pissed because I know Darren gets better as the fight progresses.

Originally Posted by jl.roberts
He's so damn inconsistent that he's frustrating, it's really too bad because he could really help the team.
Perhaps management (and myself) are waiting to see what Kilger is capable of with Bégin back in the line-up. Also, it's been said that he (Kilger) and Ward have good chemistry. A fourth line of Langdon - Bégin - Kilger would look good, IMO. Much more so than with Perreault centering it.

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On another note, I feel that we should not be fooled by Bégin's brief stint centering the 3rd line. Yes, he did a great job in the absence of Juneau, but I believe he shall not be the 3rd line checking center BG and CJ will want for the future. We should rather keep Bégin on the 4th line, as IMO he represents the Habs future on the 4th line. He's a perfect fit: extremely energetic, hard-hitting, intense, defensively responsible, and has good hockey sense.

Imagine a future Habs' line-up with a 3rd line that can both shutdown opponents and score some goals, while having a 4th line that not only brings energy and toughness to the table, but shutdown abilities as well. This will come in handy when playing against such offensive powerhouses as Ottawa or Colorado, who pose an offensive threat no matter who is on the ice for them.

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