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01-23-2014, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Sens1Canes2 View Post
I agree, but I hope you understand that reasonable people can think Sherman is not a thug AND think his post game comments were ill advised and terribly ungracious in victory.

I realize that defensive players, and especially corners (by virtue of being "on an island") are wired somewhat differently than say QBs...but think about the reaction if Kaepernick's pass reached Crabtree for the game winning touchdown, and Kaepernick launched into his own tirade, degrading Seattle's defense in the process. Would you feel differently? If he called Sherman a mediocre CB and that's why he challenged him on the last play?

Or even better...can you imagine the backlash if Tom Brady said something similar off of a game winning TD pass? Yeesh.
Or if Belichek attacked the personal character of a small, former Pats WR, by accusing him of purposely injuring a fairly big CB on a pick play that the Pats also run... Now that would be a yeesh if it ever happened

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