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01-23-2014, 12:33 PM
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Not a doctor, nor is it enough info to go. But sounds like a pull somewhere near your shoulder joints.

If its chronic pain, whether or worse or same or dull, just go see a doctor.

In the mean time, or in addition to,
stay away from any heay lifting or shoulder related work outs. Maybe skip a game/day of hockey... I know, I know. Its hard to do that haha. id play anyway.

In terms of recovery...
look into massages, preferably an athletic massage done by a professional. Chiropractor ideally.

Look into Acupuncture.

For exercise, be limited and wary but look into resistance bands and stretches. Be careful.

Look into hydrotherapy. Like in water/pool and once again be wary of your force and your extensions but do some resistance training with water.

Also do a lot of icing and a lot of heating. Preferably 5 minutes cold, 5 minutes hot. 3x a day. Thats 30 minutes in an entire day. You can do at least 2 of them watching a hockey game lol

When you feel better, and your shoulder has less or no pain. Be careful in your return. Start with no weight, and then resistance. Work on the form and movement and mobility of your shoulder before you start weight again or more intense workouts.

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