Thread: Confirmed with Link: Kevin Klein to NYR for Michael Del Zotto
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01-23-2014, 02:25 PM
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It's a good "hockey" trade - both teams get to reduce a redundancy (us RHD, them LHD) and they kinda' swap as far as plugging into the 2nd pairs go. Meet each teams needs.

MDZ is a plus for us in that if we decide we don't like him we can let him go and if we do he shouldn't cost any more that KK did. KK, while on that nice contract, was doomed to be passed on 2nd pair because of that unexpected draft and too expensive to pay as a 3rd pair guy.

From the franchise perspective, however, I still would rather have seen us package him (or Ellis) along with any of several forwards and obtained a talented scorer. If there's a negative to the trade, I think this is it - that GMDP simply doesn't have the trading chips to go get an F this year and I'm not sure that the FA session is going to be kinder to us this year than it was last.

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