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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk View Post
That's cool, but also where we disagree..Look at the final 4 teams last year and where they were in the standings...The teams came together and each made some smart moves (and yes, guys like Recchi (man, people woulkd **** a brick here) were smart moves...
Yeah I know what happened last year, but following that logic pretty much every team but the Flyers and Kings should be loading up for the playoffs. But they won't be, because the risk/reward ratio is so great.

A good example is the trade back in 2001 or 2002, I forget, that sent Marek Zidlicky and others to Nashville for Dunham. Richter was hurt and we needed a goalie to get us into the playoffs, where anything can happen. I think Kloucek was the guy we really didn't want to trade, but the Edmonton Genius threw Zidlicky in too.

Dunham actually played well for us that first year, but didn't bring us to the playoffs...because there were too many other problems.

How good would Zidlicky look right now running our power play? The power play point is just one of our glaring weak spots.

This is the kind of trade we're famous for, the kind of trade I'd like to avoid now.

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