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Originally Posted by frozenrubber View Post
Agree completely with an addition or two, it puts us over the 1st round hump. Anything beyond that is frankly, luck and determination. Injuries will happen, players will get hot.

Am I saying that we can even get to the conference finals with any certainty, nope!

But the playoffs can be an absolute crapshoot. Picking up a few guns is worth the mild expenditure...if anything, nothing is a better teacher than playoff experience. Add as many games as possible to the resumes of Lundqvist, Tyutin, Prucha, and the like
You know, maybe you're right. Maybe back in 2003 we should have traded Lundqvist for Ziggy Palffy. Then we could have made the playoffs. Heck, we didn't miss by much, we finished ninth in the conference. And once you're in, you never know what can happen, right? Look at the Oilers last year.

Or maybe Prucha for Palffy would have made more sense. Or Tyutin. And this year instead of one or more (don't forget, Palffy WAS a great player) of those guys, we'd have...Palffy. Oh wait, no we wouldn't...he RETIRED.

And before you say you would have been smart enough not to trade those guys, remember, four years ago they were just part of a long list of prospects. Nobody knew FOR SURE at the time that they were going to be valuable players, not even you. Like everyone keeps saying on here, prospects are just prospects.

Prucha was picked 240th overall. If we were so sure Lundqvist was the real deal, we wouldn't have used our number six overall pick on Montoya...four years after we picked 2004!

Heck, we traded Zidlicky, I guess we didnt' know HE was going to be a valuable player, did we? Or did you make a big fuss when we traded him?

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