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01-24-2014, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Paralyzer008 View Post
I don't know how else you expect to get a D-man without moving Eberle, Yakupov, Hall or RNH. Yak won't return you much, because the entire league thinks he's a giant enigma right now. Eberle leaves you with a gaping hole on the RW side, so have fun filling that up somehow.
You don't know how we expect to get a D without giving an Eberle/Yak, well I'm wondering how you expect to improve the team if you're going to worry about things like vertigo, foot speed, past injury problems, compete level and previous coaches? Christ.
Originally Posted by Paralyzer008 View Post
Won't make the playoffs with that. I bolded my issues with it:
-Hiller overpaid seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Stats have hovered around .912 so he isn't an upgrade really. I really worry about his vertigo issues as well as he gets older.
Hiller has been one of the best goalies all year. Not an upgrade? Give me a break. There is no one better that we actually have a shot at in Free Agency. Miller doesn't want to come here and Hiller > Halak
-Fraser sucks, ask Leafs fans
Fraser was great in his first year in Toronto. Even then, he would be slotted as a 7th D-man anyways. He can jump up in the lineup if Marincin looks like he needs to be sent down.
-Greene's concussion issues are troubling, and he's pretty slow according to Kings fans.
We all know who Matt Greene is. He isn't out there to burn anyone with his speed, he's out there to be a steady stay at home guy and add some size, grit and character.
-Zidlicky isn't coming to a team rebuilding like ours. plus I question his ability to be a top pairing guy on our team; we're different than NJ
Yea, we're more offensive. Sounds right up Zidlicky's alley. I think Edmonton's a more attractive team to play for then New Jersey. If we're paying him good money for a year of two I don't think he would be hesitant to sign. Could be wrong, but again the template is simply an example
-Marincin and Petry on a 2nd pairing seems like a disaster in the works. Marincin especially, why is he all of a sudden able to handle 20 minutes?
Have you watched an Oilers game recently? He's doing it right now. Fraser was an example as someone who is capable of filling in for Marincin if he looks like he needs more time in the AHL.
-Jokinen is having a rebound year, but a) won't come to a rebuilding team and b) yuck, no compete level from this guy
We're not rebuilding, we're looking to make a push for the playoffs. He's a realistic option for a stop gap 2C that brings size, experience, faceoffs and can play with offensive guys
-Fans keep drooling over Moss, all I see is a guy who plays well with Tippett but is aging with an injury history. No thanks.
Big veteran that has played with Gordon. He's a 3rd liner at best. Why you are questioning if he can play his game without Tippett coaching him is beyond me. He's played for other coaches you know?
-Jones and Joensuu have no business on an NHL roster
Joensuu is going to be at best a 13th.. Jones has been just fine this year on the 4th line and is gaining more and more confidence each game. He can chip in every once in a while with a hit or fight. If you can sign someone better by all means.
-Gazdic probably is best as 13th forward. I don't like him playing every night.
Well that might be your opinion but a large majority of Oilers fans and hockey fans who have seen him think he's a good fighter and team guy that has the skating and overall puck skills to play. His teammates love him.

Laich I actually don't mind. He's a guy whose value has dropped, the injuries scare me I guess. As for Johnson, (above post), I disagree that he is a top pairing D-man, and I don't want to pay 4.3M for a guy who consistently sucks defensively.
Sorry paralyzer. I usually don't agree with you and nothing you are saying here is changing that.

Originally Posted by T-Funk View Post
That first line gets walked alll over.

Unless they take aggression lessons or use angeldust before every game, you cannot expect them to take us anywhere together.
They have played together before. Have you ever seen them get walked all over? I haven't. Usually I see them at their best when they are together.

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