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01-24-2014, 04:46 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Viper View Post
I think one of Kristo, Fast or Miller will be ready for full-time NHL duty by next year. Leaving 1 spot open shouldn't be an issue.

However they still have a hole on the back end in terms of offense and they are missing a power forward and a top-6 center. Big holes.
Yeah, I agree.

I definitely also think that we have reasonable depth to replace a D and a F. That gives us some maneruvability. Miller will be ready next season at the latest. OL and Fast are not playing bad for players their age and stage in development. Allen looked decent and McI is on his way. Kristo is a bit more high reward / high risk, but he might also get there.

Re. our prioritiz.

A few thoughts:

-Nobody can disagree with the need for a center. However, lets be realistic, getting one is another story.

Its -- extremely -- hard to get one. I mean, it would be so hard that we might just almost surrender the idea and aim at getting it done with a 1B, 2A and 2B approch. I know many aren't big fans of Brassard, but for a 2B role he might not be the worst option.

-Besides the need for a center, I think we could come a long way by adding:

1. A PMD

2. A PF

We really need puck-movement on the blueline. Looking at the best teams in this league, I think that it getting more and more the case that the best puck-moving teams are the best teams. Of the teams with the best puck-moving game, some are big and some have elite talent etc., but there are a bunch of big teams out there and a bunch of teams with elite talent out there, but none that has a blueline that moves the puck like Chi, Ana and STL, or even Boston for that matter. Boston has a very effective passing game and is a team that is really good at getting the puck up ice with forwards on it all the way.

My approch, would definitely be to look for these players and basically consider pros and cons with giving up -- any -- player, more or less, on our roster. I would look at young players or established players in these molds.

Sooner or later, players become available. We ought to be in a decent position at least to make a run for them.

That is the starting point. Cally and G are discussed a lot, it goes without saying that I would move either if we could get a real good PF and especially PMD, young or more established.

Another consideration that needs to be made is if it makes sense for us to "dump" a player or two or three -- just -- to gather assets to be in a "better" position to jump on especially a PMD once one become available. My gut feeling is just that if that is to make sense, the return need to be pretty high. Ie. higher than what are being discussed right now at least. Right now, I am not so sold on that we could get that return.

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