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01-24-2014, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
Glad for the win. Only saw about 5 mins if the game, so help me out:

1) why did stalberg only get 7 mins toi?
2) why did Wilson only get 10 mins?
3) spaling had 20.5 mins of ice time and led all forwards. Why?!?
4) how did Hutton look?
5) how did delzotto look?

I get Spaling is a Trotz guy. I also saw he got the tip on Jones goal. It's hard to argue against that. Then again, one could also say a reason we are absolutely dreadful offensively is bc two of our skilled players are getting no time, while our thrd line grinders are getting absurd amounts of minutes.

It seems like Hutton is on a role. I saw the past few games and he was much improved. Has that continued or was this just a crappy effort by a bad offense?

Again, didn't see the game. Those are observational notes and genuine qs.
Stalberg's lack of special teams play and the amount of time we spent with somebody in the box killed his ice time. Trotz juggled lines a bit and got four shifts for Stalberg in the 3rd, compared to only two for Clune.

Wilson was not effective on the boards last night ... simply lost too many individual battles.

Spaling's 4:54 of short handed time coupled with playing with his ES line resulted in his huge ice time. He and Smith did well on the wings with both Legwand and Gaustad at center.

Hutton still gives up too many rebounds into the low slot but the team collected them well most of the night.

MDZ had a couple good passes but his lack of PK time and less than physical style highlighted Klein's absence. He wasn't horrible defensively but in balancing the left/right issue Poile created an offensive/stayhome balance issue. I'm waiting to see how MDZ and Jones gel.

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