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01-24-2014, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by BobMarleyNYR View Post
I don't start many threads, because I usually have nothing new to say, and ther might be another thread about this, but rather than my MO of trolling those lol...

John More was definitely more mobile, pinching deeper, taking chances... regardless of whether we think he's good enough to reap positive effects (points) by doing this, he was clearly told to take chances, now that he has a reliable partner in Klein...

If Girardi is re-signed, there is almost 0 puck skill on the right side. Is this the design for next season? Is Moore being groomed as an offensive dman, again? Torts tried, then reeled him back in, and AV kept him there. I guess in a way I'm speculating whether we will replace Girardi via trade or free agency, but can anyone else see more becoming what Del Zotto should've been, a 35- 40 pt. 18 min. dman?
I sure hope so. Other than the little flashes we saw from Staal, McDonagh is our only offensively talented d-man on the left side also. That's one talented d-man out of six. That doesn't fly in today's NHL.

If Moore can develop into something relevant and we can snag an offensive D-man on the right side, we're set. Otherwise, we're in deep ****.

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