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01-30-2004, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13
First off - Calm down "Sammy".

Secondly, if you read the post correctly you'd see I mentioned the rinks should be bigger than Olympic size. Yeah, you won't see many of your precious open ice hits on that kind of rink, but you would see alot less goalies playing the puck(the bigger ice surface would include more room in the corners and behind the net) allowing offenses to dump it in and have to win pucks along the boards, not from opposing goalies. This keeps the game exciting with offensive chances, hitting would be almost always along the boards, and not at high impact speeds. LESS CONCUSSIONS, not less injuries so to say.

And yes, Canadians would probably be outraged by any changes to 'their' game. Owners have tried many times to change certain things about the game, and have failed most of the time. Only minor changes have been instituted.

How dare you say I'm anti-Canadian, I love Canadians, especially this one -

I did see your comment about bigger than Oly size rinks. IMO , making the rink even bigger than Oly sized rinks would make the game even worse than on an Oly sized rink. Imagine playing on a massive pond, the game imo would just be alot slower & less action.
And frankly , the owners coudnt give a crap about Canada, so I hardly think the reasons why some proposed rule changes have not been instituted is because the poor little owners are afraid of the wrath of the big bad Canadians.
Just my .02

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