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01-24-2014, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by JaeTM View Post
Because that's not how the Rangers operate and you and I both know that. If the Rangers were in say, the Islanders position where we were last in the division, and it still wasn't looking good, then yeah, I'd say there's a chance they get traded. But, at 6th in the conference, 2nd in the division, a strong possibility of getting a wild card at worst, and the team playing MUCH better as of late, there's no way that those two are being traded.

I know the Rangers aren't favorites to go to the Stanley Cup or even win it. I don't think their chances are very good, but I believe that it's possible with a bit of luck. After seeing how this franchise has been run over the past decade, I know this is most likely how they see it too.
Yeah, but even if what you say is true(I don't personally agree)than there is no reason not to trade Cally. We would still be in playoff contention. Plus we avoid overspending on a contract for futures. It makes the most sense from both angles.

In the case of Girardi, I can see your point. But, I personally feel it will all fall towards they can get him at a discount or not.

Not to mention, I can say with absolute confidence that the Rangers have about 0.0 chance of winning a Stanley Cup this year.

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