Thread: Trade Weber?
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01-24-2014, 02:16 PM
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As it is right now, I would not trade Weber. The Defense is in a good place right now, dont screw it up. For all of those people who say he did not want to stay in Nashville because he signed that offer for Philly, if someone offered me that kind of $$ i Would have signed too! I think he signed it for a couple of reasons: 1- That is a boat load of $$!, 2- Suter left, GMDP did not sign any top 6 players that had been promised for the past umpteen years so I bet he was frustrated and a little hurt by all of the happenings around him, 3- That is a big wad of moola he was offered! Anybody in their right mind would have signed that contract! Anybody, Crosby, Stamkos, you name them and I bet they would have signed it too!

Back to the topic of Trading Weber, NO ONE is going to give us what we think we should get for him. Period! Just wont happen. No team will gut their offense to get 1 defense player. Not gonna happen my friends! We would be better off trying to trade several pieces to a team needing to shed some big time salary like Calgary or Florida but neither team has a top 6 I would think we would want.

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