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01-24-2014, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Mint View Post
I don't think Moore's play was ever promising with the Rangers. People just loved him when he came over at first because he was shiny and new and could skate fast.

Moore is a frustrating player to watch. He gets the puck and decides to rush it up himself, passing on opportunities to move the puck up to open forwards and push the pace. He seems to lake the ability to move the puck consistently , he always tries to skate it himself. He routinely makes the wrong decisions , rushing wen he should pass, holding the puck too long and losing the opportunity to pass, pinching at the wrong time , jumping into the play when his partner is already jumped into the play (did this continually with MDZ but most nyr fans would blame it on MDZ anyway) and just makes so many boneheaded decisions.

I look at him and see a guy with tremendous skating ability and not much else. Sometimes guys like him can get buy on their wheels alone for so long that the other parts of their game don't develop completely which is especially noticeable at the NHL level.

My main frustration is that he doesn't have the iq or vision I be a PMD yet people here think that's what he's going to become. I'm sorry PMD don't pass up the opportunity to spring a player on a breakaway in favor of rushing it themselves and allowing the other team to catch up.

He is an inferior player to MDZ in all but two ways: skating and contract. That's it.

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